It is our pleasure to welcome you to our practice.

Understanding and trust are the basis for a positive dentist experience. For this reason, we attach great importance to human interaction at eye level. We know that, for many people, a visit to the dentist is associated with a queasy feeling in the stomach. This is usually due to bad experiences they’ve had in the past.

This is exactly what we aspire to change. We take the time to listen to your needs and wishes. In doing so, we want to see you as the person you are.

We treat people with respect and empathy, always keeping in mind the goal of keeping their teeth healthy. You will be informed on every step of the treatment to have clarity about the procedure, so you can relax during the appointment.

Individual needs require individual solutions. We work to serve you in the best possible way, medically and in terms of your dental experience. In this way, we strive to make your visit to the dentist as pleasant as possible!

We look forward to having you place your trust in us as well!

Yours, Carsta Stielow and the whole team

Your safe arrival is important to us

Our dental practice is perfectly connected to public transport and is easily accessible within a few minutes’ walk. If you are arriving by car and need a parking space for the duration of your appointment, all you need to do is call us and we will let you into our underground car park.

In addition, the practice premises can be reached barrier-free via the elevator. However, the elevator (still) has a few peculiarities. Do not hesitate to call us if it fails to follow your directives. We will help you out! Our waiting room is very cozy, but we do our best not to keep you waiting long.

Always on the cutting edge of dentistry for you

Our entire team is always deepening their education so they can provide you with the latest in dentistry.

We use technological advances to make treatments as precise, brief and comfortable as possible. For example, we have said goodbye to the unpopular impressions and now instead use a digital dental impression. In this process, teeth are scanned without contact within a few minutes to obtain an exact shape.

In addition, artificial intelligence analyzes each digital impression and assists us with the diagnosis.

The full spectrum for your dental health

We cover a wide spectrum of dentistry through ongoing education, so we can treat you almost completely at our practice.

Should special treatments prove necessary, we have close contacts with specialists and will happily arrange the appropriate appointments for you.

Fair to people and the environment

A pleasant climate is essential to us, both within the practice and concerning the environment. For this reason, we attach great importance to fair working conditions and a good work-life balance for our employees*. All team members can actively participate in shaping the work of the practice.

We are committed to minimizing our ecological footprint by reducing our waste, while saving energy wherever possible. Of course, hygiene regulations are not neglected in the process.

Dr. Stielow
Dr. Stielow
I am Dr. Carsta Stielow, and I have been working as a dentist with passion and zeal since 2005. Treating you with respect and empathy is of particular importance to me. I want to maintain the health of your teeth through individual therapies and explain each treatment step to you comprehensively. Together, we will tailor your treatment to your wishes and expectations.

My focus and services:

  • 18 years of professional experience
  • Main focus:
    Microscopic endodontics
    Pediatric dentistry
  • Gentle tooth whitening
    Home or in-office whitening
  • Invisible functional correction of tooth position
    with ClearCorrect Aligner technology
  • Google: ★★★★★
    5.0 Rating average
  • Résumé →
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Thorough dental cleaning prevents caries and periodontitis and helps keep your teeth healthy. We will show you how to improve your oral hygiene at home.


Tooth preservation

To maintain a healthy and beautiful set of teeth, natural teeth are the best choice. Therefore, we focus on measures for the long-term preservation of the teeth.


Aesthetic dentistry

In the field of dentures, we specialize in providing crowns, bridges, partial and complete dentures and veneers.


Pediatric dentistry

Our practice offers pediatric dentistry to maintain and improve dental and oral health from an early age. The focus is on preventing tooth decay and treating misaligned teeth (malocclusions) early.



You benefit from a wide range of oral surgery treatments. For major procedures, we work closely with specialized surgeons.


Prosthetic implants

Dental implants are a suitable solution for any type of tooth loss. They are inserted into the jawbone as artificial tooth roots.


Functional therapy - CMD

Sudden headache or backache related to the teeth or jaw joint is called Craniomandibular Dysfunction (CMD). CMD should be treated at an early stage.


"Invisible" tooth correction

With our "invisible" tooth correction, we can treat mild to moderate malocclusions in adolescents and adults.



In endodontics, we use modern medical technologies for the long-term preservation of your own tooth root.

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